Episode 8

Published on:

3rd Oct 2022

Straight Down the Mountain

Welcome to Breaking Down Boxes. We have compelling conversations with entrepreneurs in the packaging space.

Gene Marino, President, Akers Packaging Service Group and AICC Past Board Chair, and Joe Morelli, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Huston Patterson Printers & Lewisburg Printing Company and AICC Past Associate Board Chair, speak with Guy Ockerlund and his son Eric of Ox Box on Breaking Down Boxes.

At the age of 26 Guy had to decide if he was going to fight to keep the family business going or follow the rest of the family and move on in a different direction. He left his home and wife out west and spent a month at the company to discover a business with a sterling reputation and loyal customers and was determined to carry on the legacy.

We also hear from Eric about his own experience of returning home to work at Ox Box, and the path he is taking to learn the business.


Watch the eco-board case study video.

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In the next episode we hear from AICC Board Chair, Jana Harris of Harris Packaging & American Carton Co.

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Breaking Down Boxes, brought to you by AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, gives you the story behind the boxes. Gene Marino, Akers Packaging & AICC Board Chair, and Joe Morelli, Huston Patterson Printers & AICC Associate Board Chair, interview significant players in the independent packaging industry. Entrepreneurs share their trials and triumphs in authentic conversations filled with knowledge and laughter.

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