Episode 9

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7th Nov 2022

A Twisty Road to the Top

Welcome to Breaking Down Boxes. We have compelling conversations with entrepreneurs in the packaging space.

In this episode we talk with Jana Harris.

Jana has come a long way from being the child rollerskating around the boxplant founded by her parents. Always with an entrepreneurial spirit, she started a business at the age of 29, only to be forced to fire her partner a year later. Later, her compassion and education lead her to a four-year stint in healthcare. Then four years later, she and her sister, Janice Cox, now CFO of the family companies, were brought into Harris Packaging by their father after he had to replace a once-trusted employee.  

While Jana’s path might not have been direct, with the support of family and strong teams, her companies have seen double-digit growth over the last 10 years. Now, Harris Packaging is the largest sheet plant in Texas, and American Carton is a thriving folding carton plant.

Jana also shares her passion for education about and for the industry by sharing her experience working closely with UTA and a new project with a STEM high school.

Jana Harris is a second-generation owner and CEO of her family’s manufacturing business, Harris Packaging and American Carton. She is the current AICC Chairman and is the 3rd woman to Chair for AICC. She serves on the President’s Advisory Board at her local university, the University of Texas at Arlington and is very active with their Packaging Program as well as with the College of Business. Jana and her husband Zachary Campbell became partners in a wine label out of Sonoma CA called Sanglier Cellars as well as recently becoming silent partners in a scratch Italian restaurant, Tre Mogli, which is in their hometown. In addition to the love she has for boxes and wine and great food, her interests include family, travel, buying new manufacturing equipment and educating college and high school students about the packaging industry.

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