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4th Sep 2023

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Welcome to Breaking Down Boxes. We have compelling conversations with entrepreneurs in the packaging space.

In this episode we talk with Matt Davis.

Matt Davis has corrugated dust in his veins. His grandfather owned and operated successful box plants in Iowa during the 1930s – 60s. His dad, Jim Davis, worked over 30 years with Deline Box before starting Packaging Express with Matt in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1998. This adventure began over a family breakfast when Jim asked his family if anyone wanted to be part of a sheet plant he was considering starting. Matt was already scheduled to spend a year teaching in Ecuador, but told his dad when he got back he was in. From then on they built a company based on speed for customers and making employees feel like family.

About Matt Davis, President, Packaging Express

Matt Davis comes from a proud family of corrugated box makers.  His grandfather, TJ McLaughlin, owned and operated successful box plants in Iowa during the 1930’s – 1960’s.  Matt’s Dad, Jim Davis, worked over 30 years with Deline Box before starting Packaging Express in Colorado Springs, CO in 1998.  Matt’s brother Pete (Deline Box), Uncle Jack Mclaughlin (CorrChoice) and cousin Jim McLaughlin (WSA-USA) are all in the box business.  Matt has just recently hired his younger cousin Andrew Bell at Packaging Express, representing the fourth generation of corrugated manufacturing in the family.  Today Matt owns and operates Packaging Express with the same passion and pride that his Father and Grandfather had for quality corrugated packaging!

Packaging Express is one of the premier sheet plants in Colorado, located in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pike’s Peak.  In the last 2 years Packaging Express grew out of their original 45,000 sq ft plant and moved to their current 94,000 sq ft plant. Packaging Express has recently added two new machines to their plant to meet the increasing demand in the Rocky Mountain Region – a Baysek Die Cutter and an Emba 175 box maker.  Packaging Express is also proud to have a dedicated and talented team of 25 employees with an average tenure of 9+ years.

Matt and his wife Maggie have two daughters, Catherine and Mary Elizabeth.  Matt is strong in his Faith and loves spending time with family and friends.  He enjoys golf, skiing and all sporting events.

Connect with Matt & Packaging Express

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In the next episode, hear from Matt and Kevin Auburn, a father-son duo at SMC Packaging Group.

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